A framework that maps the stages of your customer’s lifecycle. It enables you to improve your customer’s experience by helping you gain better insight into how customers are interacting with you now and which areas you should invest in moving forward.


  • As a reality check. Are we engaging with our customers the way we think we are?
  • To help you develop the best product roadmap. By mapping what customers like or miss, you know what to build next.
  • To help us prioritise competing deliverables. What should be our main business goal? On a customer’s journey map we can see the points of friction our customers face.
  • To help us plan for hiring and team expansion. A CJM requires a great deal of research into what is working or not and what needs to happen to keep customers engaged.
  • To help us bring different teams together for a common goal: the customer’s happiness.

How does it work?

In a two days workshop:

  • We compose a mixed team with people from marketing, sales, IT, customer services…
  • We establish:
    • Personas
    • Customer lifescycle stages
    • Customer goals
    • Brand objectives
    • Channels & touchpoints
  • We simulate a customer journey with one particular persona for one service or product.


What’s the outcome?

By detecting the strengths and weaknesses of our current marketing approach we can enhance customer experiences and set measurable KPI’s like:

  • Interaction rates
  • Up-sell or cross-sell rates
  • Cart abandonment rates
  • Customer retention rates

Whatever the next steps in your inbound marketing plan are, Customer Journey Mapping is an excellent start to

  • lower your acquisition costs
  • improve your efficiency
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • enhance your marketing ROI

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