Content marketing: how do you really reach your clients?

Each company is looking for clients. You can find them by communicating in a more traditional way, namely outbound marketing: you push (sort of speak) your message by using paid channels. This type of communication definitely has its benefits, but unfortunately also a lot of disadvantages such as cost and measurability.

Inbound marketing allows you reach and convert your prospects in a more subtle and intelligent way.


To attract potential clients, we use a mix of various techniques:

  • Content marketing & PR
  • Social media marketing & SEM
  • Events & brand advocacy

1. Content marketing

Qualitative and relevant content is the best way to arouse your future clients’ interest. Often they’ll look for information actively. We make sure that information is available, at the right moment at the right time. How can we get this done?

The first step is to gather the existing content: leaflets, brochures, websites, presentations… We bring all of this together on one platform and we start cataloguing. A content matrix can help with this.


Then we start rewriting, adding and wherever necessary creating content depending on the shape in which we want to use it: blog, whitepaper, testimonial, press article, tutorial, video… The final step entails spreading the content through the right channels such as social media, forums, landing pages, websites, press releases etc. It goes without saying that we do this based on the general communication strategy and taking into account the planned actions.

2. Social media marketing & SEM

More and more companies use one or more social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Often the problem is that it is not integrated in a broader communication strategy. On top of this, it is often forgotten that social media is intended to create dialogue instead of using it for free publicity.

Who and what do we want to reach? What do we post and what don’t we? Who determines the content? Who answers difficult questions? Etc.

We can help you with all of these questions.

Another aspect of online presence is the usage of your own website and related landing pages. These make up the basis of all your online communication. It is crucial that they are easily found by your target groups. Next to qualitative content, a well-thought-out SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is an important factor for the findability and ranking of your website.

Adapted keywords and copywriting, dynamic and shareable content or link building are techniques that our experts perfectly master.

3. Events & brand advocacy

Next to the virtual contact with your target groups, it can be useful to really meet each other. Fairs, seminars, festivals or customised events are perfect opportunities to meet. A good time to also bring your fans and bloggers in contact with each other. Clients who feel appreciated are always the best brand ambassadors.


To summarise:

  • Manage, create, plan and distribute content.
  • Maintain press relations and generate publications.
  • Determine and guide social media strategy.
  • Optimise findability and ranking of your website(s).
  • Guide and organise events and meeting moments.


You’re being found thanks to:

  • Qualitative and relevant content.
  • Good press support.
  • Viral distribution via social media.
  • Optimal search results.
  • Striking and original events.

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