27 April 2015


Obviously, content is key for a successful inbound marketing process. Getting the right info to the right target groups at the right time can be a real challenge for even the most seasoned inbound marketer.

In my previous article I referred to the overwhelming amount of marketing software to help you manage these data flows. However, the content itself still needs to be created. And for that you need human talent! Now there’s a lot of discussion and even competition going on between copywriters and journalists when it comes to writing content.

Since they’re trained to relate to different target groups, I have always believed that good copywriters should be able to write just about anything for anyone. But then again, when I listen to some old school copywriters, I doubt they even understand what modern marketing is all about. Check out this funny film for example. It shows how dramatically the copywriting (and advertising) business has changed!

Personally, I think background doesn’t really matter, but I’m convinced that good content writers can make a difference. Just like good copywriters or good journalists. I believe that the era of inbound marketing has created many opportunities for people who love to write and want to make a living out of it. That’s good news right? So, forget the niches and focus on the content. Know who you write for and make it worth reading!

An ideal content management team contains journalists, copywriters, bloggers and social media experts who create, gather and promote your client’s content. The better you are at this, the more visitors you will attract and leads you will generate. And only then, you can bring on the software.

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Peter Foubert

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