01 February 2017

The rules of the game for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are continually changing. Want to get more out of your SEO campaign in 2017? Then start with these six tips. Or call in an expert partner, because SEO is a specialised discipline.

Testing, analysis and persistence are the message with SEO. These ideas will give you a head start on Google and other search engines.

  1. Determine your keyword strategy
    At one time it was popular search words, or keywords, in particular, that drew visitors to your site. These days, SEO functions in a far more complex manner: you need a complete keyword strategy. Because with some 500 updates a year, the search algorithm is getting smarter by the day. There is therefore little point in cramming your site with relevant and not so relevant search words. If you are writing about SEO, for example, then the keywords have to be related. It no longer helps to add popular, irrelevant keywords such as ‘naked photos Jennifer Lawrence’ at random, for instance.So how do you score high in the search results? You have to know your (potential) visitors well: make sure that you understand every step in their customer journey and that you know how they pose questions and search for information. That way, you will automatically arrive at the right content and keywords. The better you match these, the higher your website will score in Google.
  2. Analyse your competitors
    Have you taken a look at your competitors’ SEO? You can learn a lot from it. See how your competitors’ keywords as scoring, using Google’s keyword planner. This insight will help you define your own keyword strategy.

    • Choose your keyword (group) carefully.
    • Rank them in terms of search volume.
    • Select the keywords that generate you the most results.


  3. Score higher through social media
    Social media campaigns can boost your SEO. Although Google is unwilling to confirm that social likes, followers and shared messages play a role in SEO ranking, that may shortly change. After all, search engines may well soon be linking your website to your social channels. So make sure your brand is present in the social media, preferably actively.
  4. Optimise your site behind the scenes
    A responsive design, which adapts to the device on which it is being viewed, is a must. Your site must support at least four standard screen sizes: wide screen, standard laptop, tablet and smartphone. Devote attention to these issues, too:

    • Make sure that search engines and robots can easily crawl through your site – lead them straight to exactly what they are looking for by means of robot.txt file.
    • Make the content on your website attractive and instantly shareable on social media.
    • Provide relevant metadata – data on information such as language, author and alt tags for images. This helps you score better in searches, because of the strong relationship between content and search words.


  5. Write interesting content
    Create unique, distinctive content. This will automatically generate you faithful followers. Because if visitors like your content then they will like your brand or company. And that, ultimately, is the goal: to communicate with your target audience. You tell them who you are and what makes your business unique; they listen and see you as a specialist in that area.
  6. Measure, analyse and evaluate
    If you want to make progress, then make regular reviews and draw conclusions from well-founded insight.

    • Analyse thoughtfully: test, measure, study and evaluate.
    • Experiment to see what works best using A/B tests, for example, in which two groups are shown two different versions. Find out why visitors respond in a particular way. And adjust your marketing strategy on the basis of concrete data.



Can’t wait to put these tips to the test? Then the future holds lots of hits, visitors and high rankings in search engines. Would you rather put your precious SEO strategy in the hands of specialists? Then GROW will deploy its best SEO players for you.


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